About LVFC

Las Vegas Fur Con (LVFC) is gathering for fans of anthropomorphic (commonly known as “furry”) art, science fiction and fantasy held in Las Vegas, Nevada. The convention is organized by Southern Nevada Anthropomorphic Events (SNAE), a nonprofit organization incorporated in Nevada. SNAE is committed to empowering communities and raising funds to help charitable causes, particularly those relevant to its missions of diversity.

LVFC and SNAE grew out of UNLV’s Rebel Anthropomorphic Works and Recreation club, or RAWR, which has hosted smaller gatherings in the past, before bringing on new talent in order to organize a proper convention. This new talent includes sole proprietors, artists, meetup organizers, and locals chatroom moderators.

Meet the Board of Directors

LVFC has diversity as one of its goals, and so its inaugural board prioritizes trans and BIPOC leadership to encourage people from all backgrounds to be part of our convention. This is reflected in both the Board’s voting Directors, of which the are 9. At present, we are majority BIPOC, majority trans, and majority femme.

Note: titles within the Board do not necessarily translate to titles within the convention. Members are organized by hierarchy on the board (where applicable), then by name.

Addy (any pronouns)


Filipino-American and genderqueer, Addy has served as President of the RAWR organization and he has volunteered at several conventions. They have organized numerous local furmeets at Sunset Park, Craig Ranch Park, the Park Sahara Office Center, and the Pinball Hall of Fame. Las Vegas born and raised, she has a strong vision for a furry convention organized and run by locals.

Ari (he/they)

Vice Chair

White, gay and proudly polyamorous, Ari brings 9 years of business experience, 3 years of volunteering experience and 2 years of treasurer and con chair experience to the board. He is a Las Vegas resident of 17 years and is the board member who pushed for mailed badges, democratic convention structure, and BIPOC representation. “Ari” is an alias so as to avoid taking attention from other board members.

Ozy (she/her)


Ozy has extensive knowledge of federal and Nevada tax codes, as well as over 30 hours of prior volunteer experience.

Jaykie (he/him)


Jaykie is a proud gay Hispanic/Caucasian fennec who works on visual design for the convention in their free time and has a leadership job as ambassador at their local college. Jaykie was born and raised in Las Vegas and has been a furry in the fandom for almost 8 years.

Holly (she/they)



Khromatic (she/it)



Kuru (he/him)


Kuru is an Asian LGBT furry currently residing in Guam with experience in the biological sciences and in hospitality. Kuru was born and raised in Guam but resided in Las Vegas for 3 years as a part of UNLV’s RAWR organization and has an interest in contributing to the fandom even remotely, currently serving as HR manager.

Sakara (she/her)



Violet (she/her)